*2021 Bookings Currently Full At This Time*


How does the payment process work? 

    At checkout, 50% of the rental total will be charged as the down payment to reserve the items. The remaining 50% will be paid through online payment prior to the pickup date.

    You will receive an email notification from us 2 weeks prior to pickup and the full payment will be due 7 days prior to pickup.

    How long does my rental go for? 

      Rentals are 4 days long. Pickup is on Thursday and returns on Monday.

      Where do I pickup and return my rental items?

        Pickup/returns are in St. Louis Park. Location reminders will be listed on your follow up emails.

        Do you offer delivery?

        Deliveries can be arranged for rentals $400 + and depends on scheduling. We will do our best to coordinate with you. Be sure to reach out to us with any questions. Additional charges will apply.

        Can I come see items in person before I rent?

          Of course! We currently do not have a store front but if you would like to see any of our pieces in person we would love to set up a visiting time.

          What if I damage or lose something during my rental?

            For pieces that come back damaged, broken or incomplete, you will be charged a fee per item that is 4 x the amount of the rental cost. This covers the replacement and restocking of the item as well as the rentals lost during this time period. 

            At the time of pickup, a rental contract must be signed. Review terms and details here.

            What if my rental is going to be returned late?

            A fee of 2x the rental cost will be due each day every item is late. It is good practice to give a friend or relative our information if you have a lot going on surrounding your event such as travel or honeymoons etc. Please contact us immediately in the case of a late return. We will do our best to work something out so we can collect the items as soon as possible as many times there is an upcoming rental. 

            What is your cancellation policy?

              In the case of a rental cancellation, we do honor up to a 20% refund on the entire cost of your rental when the notice is received, in writing, a minimum of 30 days prior to the rental pickup date. Your final rental payment is still owed on the original date and the adjustment shall be made in your final payment amount.

              Any cancellations made after the 30 day notice will not be refunded.

              To inform us of a cancellation please contact us.

              *Coronavirus: With the recent interruption of the COVID-19 virus, we know that safety and well-being at social gatherings is more important now than ever. In the event your special occasion gets postponed due to the COVID-19 virus, we will be offering the option to make a one-time date change to your rental (pending item availability), free of charge, within 12 months of your originally scheduled rental.*

              Can I share these pieces on social media? 

                Absolutely! We hope that you do. Be sure to tag us!

                What do I do if I want to book the items for longer than one weekend?

                  Go ahead and book both the weekends you'd like to rent the items for. Pickup remains Thursdays and returns on Monday. You can keep the item(s) during the in-between days at no additional charge. 

                  Why won't my dates populate on the calendar while trying to add to cart?

                  The item is likely already booked for this time frame or it is over the 18 month rental time frame. Check back after 30 minutes as it also may have been in another shoppers cart and then removed. 

                  While adding to my cart, it's telling me there are not enough pieces available but I have the same number of items (or fewer) than the caption says is available. What do I do?

                  This happens when someone has already booked a portion of the units available for the time period and only the number quoted on the error message are currently available for that time frame. 

                  Can I decorate large items such as the archway and hedge wall? 

                  Yes, we hope you do! Just be sure to return the pieces in their original condition. The hedge wall has a grid wall behind it making it very easy to attach signage, banners, flowers etc. 

                  How do I reach out if I have questions on alternative time frames or other details?

                  We are happy to look at alternative rental options with you. Feel free to contact us at any point in the rental process.