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Rental Agreement

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*Below is a copy of the rental agreement requiring signature at time of pickup*

By signing this contract, you acknowledge the items you are taking possession of are being used on rental basis and must be returned by the specified date. 

All items must be returned in original condition including all transporting containers and cases which will be marked with “Something Borrowed Minneapolis” .

You will be responsible for checking the accuracy of your order and if there are any issues with the pieces it must be reported prior to your event. 

You or your representative picking up the rental items will be required to sign the attached item listing in acknowledgement of receiving possession of these items. 


Items returned broken, damaged, incomplete or missing will be charged the standard fee of 5 x the rental price (per item) due upon return. This makes up for replacement charges, restocking and loss of rentals during this timeframe.

Dishware/platters/cake stands/chargers must be scraped off prior to return. If allowed at venue, please rinse with water. No soap, chemicals or dishwashing. 

Candle votives/holders should not be cleaned with soap or any other chemicals. Feel free to return with melted wax as we will gladly remove it along with other residue or smudges.  


Unless otherwise planned, pickups take place on Thursdays and returns take place the following Monday. Pickups and returns take place in St. Louis Park location unless delivery is arranged. 

  • Pickup hours are Thursday 8am-8pm
  • Return hours are Monday 8am-8pm

    Rental Items

    Listed below are the items verified and picked up by renter or representative and must be returned on specified date (Page 1): 

    • 1 x Item
    • 2 x Item
    • 3 x Item


    CLIENT SIGNATURE: _________________________

    DATE: _______________