*2021 Bookings Currently Full At This Time*

Rental Agreement


*Below is a copy of the rental agreement requiring signature at time of pickup*

By signing of this contract, you acknowledge the RENTAL ITEM(S) are being used on temporary basis and must be returned on or before the RENTAL RETURN DATE. All items must be returned in original or near original condition including all transporting containers/bins which will be marked with “Something Borrowed Minneapolis”. For any containers that do not return or are damaged beyond repair, a $10 replacement fee will be charged.

You will be responsible for checking the accuracy of your order at pickup and if there are any issues with the rentals it must be reported prior to your event with photo evidence.

Damaged / Lost Items

Items returned broken, damaged, incomplete or missing will be charged the standard fee of 5x the rental price (per item) due upon return by credit card payment. This includes but is not limited to cracked or broken glass, pieces bent severely from their original shape, deep visible scratches, stains, tears, chips and weather/water damage.


Serving platters/cake stands/chargers/flutes must be scraped off prior to return. If allowed at venue, please rinse them with water to remove large debris and crumbs. (No soap, chemicals or dishwashing as we clean them in house.)

Candle votives/holders/hurricanes should not be cleaned with soap or any other chemicals. We will gladly remove normal amounts of residue or smudges after return. In order to remove any melted candles or large particles, you may freeze the candle holders in order to loosen up and remove wax. 

Pickup hours: Thursday 11am-3pm / Return hours: Monday 11am-3pm